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  • Concept

    Enjoy life a bit better!


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  • tEAM

    We got a motivated team inspired by creating social impact



    Sales & Business Development

    Where people see a problem, Sebastian sees a solution and a potential business! He has an entrepreneurial mindset and is always looking for ways to develop himself. He loves healthy competition and if he is not working, you can find him gaming.



    Finance & Operations

    Alexander is constantly looking for life-hacks or ways to make life easier. He has an extensive educational background in Business Economics and Sports Management. He loves sports and spending time with his friends.


    Customer Success & Marketing

    Most recent addition to our team, Elias has extensive experience working in MENA and South East Asia regions. He has keen interest in startups, assisting Baskit. on strategic levels. His passion is Texas Hold'em and spends his time mixing music.

  • Board of Advisors

    We get top-notch support and advice from a team of mentors and consultants


    Technology Consultant

    Based in UK, Jack is head of technology at Kaynes, London. His assistance along the development of the technology helped us guarantee the best user experience.


    Technology Advisor

    Jan has extensive experience in platform development and assisted Baskit in optimizing it's technology. He's a Senior Technology Advisor at KPMG, based in Brussels.

  • Join The Team

    We are always looking for motivated people to join our team


    We are currently looking for a CTO to join our team! His/her tasks will include web development, web scraping, and basically handling all our IT- related challenges.


    Skills we are looking for:

    ♦ Relevant background in IT (bachelor, master or other)

    ♦ Entrepreneurial

    ♦ Real life-hacker

    ♦ Motivated

    ♦ Creative

    ♦ Risk taker


    Do you recognise yourself?

    Write us at shop.baskit@gmail.com!

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    Do you have a question, do you want to be involved in the project or just want to say hi?

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